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    The largest yeast exporter in Iran
    Export & Import
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    Mohajer Trading co
    More than thirty years of experience in exporting

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Jam Petrochemical Company

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Marun Petrochemical Company

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Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company

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Kermanshah Petrochemical Company

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Shiraz Petrochemical Company

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Khorasan Petrochemical Company

  • “ در طول سال ها، همرسین توس تبدیل به یک نام تجاری شده که به خوبی شناخته شده، شناخته شده و قدردانی در سراسر جهان است و در حال حاضر محصول پیشرو در بازار مخلوط خشک مخمر بین المللی است. هزاران نانس برای نسل ها متکی هستند. نوآورانه است. ”


    منحصر بفرد

about us

In the name of God

Resume of Mohajer Trading Co

The Mohajer Trading Company was founded in accordance with the objectives and economic policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in ۱۳۷۴ (۱۹۹۵)/ The subject of the company&#۳۹;s activity is as following: to carry out any economic activity (industrial, production, and service), in particular trade, as import, export and transit for domestic and foreign companies, especially in the field of commodities, along with business activities and In other profitable fields, including petrochemicals and its downstream industries, investment and participation in companies and business projects/ In ۱۳۹۷, Mohajer Company expanded with the establishment of the Mobin Trading Company/ 

International Mohajer Trading Group

different package

International Mohajer Trading Group HEMERSIN TOOS

"Mohajer" trading

" Mohajer Trading" was established in ۱۹۹۵/ During these years, the main activity was food exports, along with the export of construction materials/

We are now the owner of the "hemersin toos" brand and we export to ۲۰ countries/ Currently, "instant dry batter" is the only product of this brand

Soon other products will be added to the brand&#۳۹;s export basket

Meet Our Team

Amir Mohajeri Khorasani

middle Asia business Manager

Ali Haghani

Afghanestan business Manager

Hashem Mohajeri Khorasani


Mohammad Mohajer

Pakistan business Manager

mojtaba malekabadi

africian countries business Manager

morteza Khadem

european countries business Manager

Hadi Kamel

arabian countries business Manager

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